Cedarbrook’s Social Committee is planning some great events for this season. If you have suggestions or would like to join the Social Committee, please email and a committee member will contact you.

Food, Catering & Parties

Family dinner nights, youth and adult parties, swim team pep rallies, raft nights, and other special events are held regularly at the pool. 

The Swim Team also has a steady stream of events. As a fundraising activity, the swim team sells food during home swim meets on Wednesday evenings. On Saturday mornings, the swim team sells bagels, muffins and juice. All members are welcome to enjoy good, reasonably priced food and support our team!

The Snack Shack and beverage machine are located on the grounds. Please note that the beverage machine is serviced by a third party and Cedarbrook is not responsible for lost money in the machine.

The pool grounds are intended for the use of all members and may not be used by any individual or group for their own profit.

Please see the club calendar on home page for details. Also, feel free to contact the Board if you would like to volunteer to organize or help with an event.

Private Parties

Bringing 7 or more guests into the pool on any one day constitutes a Private Party. All private parties must be registered (please use the Cedarbrook Party Request Form). Unscheduled parties can disrupt normal pool operations and jeopardize everyone’s safety by creating a shortage of lifeguards.

On-going Events

Noodle Fun
Every Thursday at 1 p.m. until 2:30 p.m., beginning at the end of June; please note the first 15 minutes are for adults during adult swim

Raft Nights
Starting June 18th, every Monday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; please note the first 15 minutes are for adults during adult swim.