General club rules

Cedarbrook Rules and Regulations
The following rules have been established for the protection of all Members, the safe operation of the pool and other facilities, and to provide enjoyable recreation for all Members and their guests. Members must comply with all rules and obey instructions of the Pool Manager, other staff and the Board of Directors. Members also are responsible for ensuring that their guests and children understand and observe these rules. Failure to comply with the rules may result in suspension or termination of club privileges or membership.
All Members (including their children and guests) use the Cedarbrook pools and other facilities at their own risk. By paying dues and fees to Cedarbrook and using its facilities, Members acknowledge the following: (1) Members (including their family members, children and guests) use the Cedarbrook pools and other facilities at their own risk; (2) Members are responsible for informing family members and guests that they use Cedarbrook facilities at their own risk; (3) Members EXPRESSLY RELEASE Cedarbrook, its Officers and Board of Directors, and staff from any claims for damage to person or property on behalf of themselves, their family members (including children) and guests; and (4) they have read and understand the Cedarbrook Rules, agree to abide by them and understand that they are responsible for ensuring that all family members (including children) and guests are informed of, and comply with, the Rules and that guests understand and agree to the RELEASE provided.
The Club is not responsible for any injuries, or loss or damage to personal belongings, bicycles or automobiles on the Club grounds. It is not safe to leave any valuables in the bathhouse.
Club facilities are reserved for the use of Members and their registered guests. Individuals on club property who are not Members or registered guests of Members may be considered trespassers and treated accordingly.

  1. No smoking is permitted anywhere on Cedarbrook property.

  2. Food and refreshments are permitted only on the grass.  No glass containers or alcohol on any decks or courts. No smoking anywhere.

  3. Please put all trash in the trash receptacles provided.

  4. Profane language, uncooperative or aggressive behavior, or intoxication are prohibited anywhere on the club grounds.  Violators will lose club privileges.

  5. The club is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal belongings on the club grounds.  Do not leave items unattended.

  6. Check the Lost & Found frequently. Collected items will be donated to charity throughout the season.

  7. Parking lot speed limit is 10 miles per hour.

  8. NO bikes, scooters, or wheeled toys on the tennis or basketball courts.

  9. Official tennis shoes or light-soled athletic shoes ONLY on the tennis courts.

  10. NO pets allowed on club grounds throughout the year (except the annual dog swim).