Pool Rules

Swimming Pool Rules and Policies
Cedarbrook has contracted with Community Pools, Inc. to provide pool management services for the Pool. Community’s Pool Manager and the operating staff are responsible for the enforcement of the rules. Children and adults are expected to show them proper respect and cooperation at all times. Talking back, arguing with staff including lifeguards, and distracting lifeguards from their duties are serious infraction of rules and may be grounds for suspension of Club privileges. Any concerns about lifeguards must be addressed to the Pool Manager on duty, Cedarbrook’s Club Manager, and/or Cedarbrook’s Board of Directors. The staff may caution or if necessary shall suspend club privileges from anyone who is violating the rules. Suspensions for the duration of the day in which the violation occurs may be imposed by the Pool Manager in his or her discretion. Suspensions for longer periods or termination of membership may be made by the Board of Directors.
Pool Check-In
1. Each time they arrive at the Pool, Members must check in at the front desk prior to entering the bathhouse. If a Member exits the Pool and then wishes to re-enter the same day, the check-in procedures must be followed again. Members and guests may not enter the bathhouse until check-in is complete and the front desk staff have confirmed they may enter. Running past the front desk while yelling a name, or not stopping at all, are considered serious offenses and are grounds for suspension of privileges.
2. Further information on the procedure to register and check-in guests is provided below.
3. No children under the age of 10 will be admitted to the pool area unless accompanied by a person at least 13 years old, who must remain with them and will be responsible for them.
1. Shoes (flip flops, sandals, etc.) must be worn in the bathhouse.
2. Soap showers are mandatory before entering the pool. Swimmers also must rinse off any sand or grass before reentering the pool.
3. All persons using the big pool must be 3 years old or older AND be completely and successfully toilet trained. Diapers are not allowed in any part of the big pool, including the cove area.
4. Use of the big pool or baby pool during or immediately following an illness is prohibited. Any person with a respiratory infection, cough or cold or who is wearing any kind of bandage will not be permitted in the pool.
5. Spitting, spouting of water, and blowing your nose in the pool are strictly prohibited.
6. The pool may be closed until further notice if, in the judgment of the President or Pool Manager, if there is an emergency or if the closure is necessary to protect the health and safety of the members.
7. Guards have full authority to clear the pool of swimmers at any time.
8. Pets are not permitted on in the pool area.
Pool Safety
1. Running, pushing, raucousness, yelling, screaming or other undue disturbance in or about the pool area are prohibited.
2. The baby pool is for use by children under the age of 6. All children in diapers MUST wear tightly fitted rubber pants ON TOP OF a diaper undergarment; use of “swimmers” alone is NOT sufficient.
3. LIFEGUARDS DO NOT MONITOR THE BABY POOL, BUT MEMBERS MAY USE IT AT THEIR OWN RISK. Members using the baby pool are responsible for supervising and monitoring their children, and must keep their children under their direct and immediate supervision at all times.
4. Priority in the “cove” area of the large pool is given to younger children and new swimmers. Pool staff may ask older children playing in the “cove” to move into the main area of the pool.
5. Sitting or climbing on the “island” in the “cove” area of the large pool is prohibited.
6. Inflated tubes, inflated boats, snorkels, face masks, water wings, life jackets and swim fins are not permitted in the large pool.
7. Water toys and balls are permitted in the large pool at the guards’ discretion and must be used appropriately.
8. Rules for the diving board and slide are as follows:
o Only one person is allowed on the diving board or slide at a time.
o Divers and sliders must wait for preceding diver to surface and clear the area.
o When a diver or slider has surfaced, the person must immediately swim to the ladder. The diver or slider must not swim under the board or slide at any time.
o Divers must dive straight from the front end of the board.
o Sliders must slide feet first, on their backs.
o The diving/sliding area is to be used only for diving and sliding unless the board and slide are closed and the area has been opened with a guard’s permission for swimming.
9. Food and refreshments are permitted only on the grassy picnic areas. Food is not allowed on the pool decks. Please make sure to clean up and put all trash in the trash cans.
10. Gum chewing is not permitted in the pool area.
11. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on club property.
12. Swim lanes are roped off for those wishing to swim lengths undisturbed. Swimmers not swimming lengths should remain out of the roped area. Swim lanes may be unavailable on certain “high use” days such as the Fourth of July. Notice of closure of swim lanes will be provided on the Cedarbrook website.
13. Holding onto the lane ropes or the rim of basketball hoops is prohibited.
14. The pool may be cleared, at the discretion of the management, of all youth under the age of 18 and younger for 15 minutes on the hour for adult swim. Persons not permitted to be in the pool during adult swim must exit the pool promptly when adult swim is announced.
15. Loitering is not permitted near the lifeguard chairs.
16. Entry into the pool area when the club is closed is punishable by law.
17. All injuries occurring on the club’s premises must be reported immediately to the Pool Manager.
1. Pool hours will be posted on the website. The pool may close early on certain holidays or if it appears that inclement weather will preclude use of the pool for the remainder of a day.
2. Lost articles are kept on shelves near the front desk. Please retrieve lost articles as soon as possible, as they accumulate very rapidly. Any articles not claimed by certain dates during the season will be donated to charity.
3. The use of abusive language on club grounds is prohibited.
4. The presence of intoxicated persons on the club grounds is strictly prohibited. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted on the pool deck or in the baby pool area.
5. Members must DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY in the parking lot. Please observe a speed limit of 5 MILES PER HOUR. No blowing of horns to summon children is allowed.
6. The club telephone is not to be used to deliver messages to members while on club grounds.
7. All bicycle riders must ride carefully and park their bikes in the provided bicycle stalls.
8. Members and guests must wear proper attire at all times while on club grounds. Swimmers must wear swimsuits; cut offs and undergarments are not acceptable swimwear.
9. Please click here to review the club’s WIFI terms and conditions.
Pool Guest Rules
1. Adult Members may bring up to 6 guests per day, per membership; greater than 6 guests in one day qualifies as Party (see Party rules and procedures below).
2. Members’ children under the age of 13 are not permitted to bring guests to the pool unless the Member-parent also is present. Members’ children ages 13-15 may bring up to three guests to the Pool per day. Guests brought by Members’ children without a
Member-parent present must be at least 10 years old.
3. Guests must be accompanied by the Member or Member’s child at all times who must register the guests at the front desk by supplying the guest’s name, address and phone number in the guest register. The guest fee will be charged to the Member’s account. Each guest also must acknowledge and sign the waiver to gain admittance to the pool. Complying with these procedures is a requirement for admittance to the pool.
4. A guest fee is required for each guest ages 3 and older who enters the Pool area, even if the guest does not intend to swim.
5. Guest fees are a daily fee of $5/day. However, the Club reserves discretion to increase the guest fee for special events (e.g., Fourth of July, live music, etc.) Notice of events with a higher guest fee will be provided on the Cedarbrook website. Guests fees are non-refundable.
6. Members may not leave guests alone on the club grounds and are responsible for their guests at all times. Consequences for guests’ violation of the Rules may be assessed against the Member who brought them.
7. Bringing guests to the pool without registering them as guests and/or identifying them to desk staff as a guest so that the guest fee can be charged is considered a serious violation of the Rules, and may be grounds for suspension or termination of privileges.
8. Non-members at the pool who have not been registered as guests and/or for which the guest fee was not charged prior to admittance to the pool will be required to leave to property for the remainder of the day.
Pool Parties
1. Bringing more than 6 guests to the pool in one day qualified as a Private Party. Only adult Members may book Private Parties.
2. Guest fees and procedures provided above apply to Private Parties.
3. All Parties must be authorized and registered in advance. Unauthorized parties can disrupt normal pool operations and create a shortage of lifeguards. Attendees of unauthorized parties may be denied entrance and/or asked to leave the premises.
4. Parties must be requested at least 7 days in advance and authorized by the Pool Manager. Permission for a private party may be denied at the discretion of the Pool Manager or the Board of Directors during certain times.
5. Please note that the pool and pool area will not be closed to Members for Parties that occur during normal operating hours, and parties may not exclude Members from any area of the grounds.
6. To review the party guidelines and request a party, please click here
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