Tennis rules

Tennis Court Rules and Policies
Please see the general Cedarbrook Rules and Regulations which also apply to use of the tennis courts.
Mike Kotz is Cedarbrook’s Tennis Pro. He can be reached at if you would like to sign up or have any questions about the tennis program or classes.
Court Care
1. Only shoes designated for use on tennis courts (no marking shoes) may be worn on the tennis courts.
2. Absolutely no wheels (bikes, skateboards, scooters, wheelie shoes, etc.) or balls other than tennis balls are permitted on the tennis courts.
3. Please be gentle when moving the net dividers between the courts.
4. Please place all trash in the trash cans outside the tennis courts.
5. No smoking is permitted on Cedarbrook property, including in the gazebo and the tennis area.
6. All injuries occurring on the club’s premises must be reported immediately via e-mail to
Court Sign-Up
1. Sign-up sheets to reserve a tennis court are provided in the gazebo.
2. Please note when reserving courts that the court near the gazebo is Court 1, followed by Courts 2 and 3, and the far court is Court 4. Please make sure to help us take care of our courts by following the tennis court rules as outlined at the club.
3. Courts will be reserved for lessons and tennis league functions, however every effort will be made to keep at least one court open for member play.
4. Contact Mike Kotz if you would like to reserve the ball machine.
Guest Registration and Fees
1. Members of the tennis league who are not Members of Cedarbrook are exempted from the guest policies and procedures ONLY during Tennis League functions; at all other times, the guest policies and procedures apply to members of the tennis league who are not Members of Cedarbrook.
2. All non-members using the tennis courts must be accompanied by a Cedarbrook Member, who will be responsible for the guests and the guest fee of $5/day.
3. Members bringing guests to the tennis courts who must ensure each guest is entered in the guest register notebook located in the gazebo. The guests must supply his/her name, address and phone number in the guest register. Each guest also must acknowledge and sign the waiver. The guest fee of $5 will be charged to the Member registering the guest.
4. Guests found using the courts without a Member present, or who have not been registered as Guests, will be considered trespassers. Members allowing their guests to use the tennis courts without signing them in as guests so that the appropriate guest fee can be assessed is a serious violation of the Rules, and may be grounds for suspension or termination of privileges.
Tennis Keys & Off Season Use of Tennis Courts
1. During the off season and hours when the pool is not open, tennis courts may be accessed for an annual fee of $55.
2. Members  are responsible for ensuring the gate is closed and locked when they leave the property.
3. To request access, contact the Club at