Basketball rules

Basketball Court Rules and Policies
Please see the general Cedarbrook Rules and Regulations which also apply to use of the basketball court.
Court Care
1. Only shoes designated for use on basketball courts (no marking shoes) may be worn.
2. Absolutely no wheels (bikes, skateboards, scooters, wheelie shoes, etc.) on the basketball court.
3. Hanging from the rim or grabbing the net is prohibited.
4. Please place all trash in the trash cans.
5. No smoking is permitted on Cedarbrook property.
6. All injuries occurring on the club’s premises must be reported immediately via e-mail to
Guest Registration and Fees
1. All non-members using the basketball court must be accompanied by a Cedarbrook Member, who will be responsible for the guests and the guest fee of $5/day.
2. Members bringing guests to the basketball court must ensure each guest is entered in the guest register notebook located in the gazebo. The guests must supply his/her name, address and phone number in the guest register. Each guest also must acknowledge and sign the waiver. The guest fee of $5 will be charged to the Member registering the guest.
3. Guests found using the basketball court without a Member present, or who have not been registered as Guests, will be considered trespassers. Members allowing their guests to use the basketball court without signing them in as guests so that the appropriate guest fee can be assessed is a serious violation of the Rules, and may be grounds for suspension or termination of privileges.