Payment Policies and procedures

2019 Payment Policies and Procedures

  • Personal checks will only be accepted in the month of March.

  • Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $50 fee.  

  • At any time, you may make payments by credit card or through ACH (a direct withdrawal from your checking account).   

  • ACH can only be linked to a checking account (NOT savings)

  • Credit card payments incur a 4% processing fee, and ACH payments incur a 2% processing fee. The swipe fee for AmEx cards is 1.48% plus 10 cents for those using personal AmEx cards. The fee can be as high as 3.79% plus 15 cents for those using business cards.

To pay by Check before April 1

  1. Log in to the website, sign up for any programs you might want (swim or tennis team, swim lessons, adult tennis league).  

  2. Your Member Profile page will show you the total due.  Mail a check for this amount and a copy of the invoice(s) to:

Cedarbrook Club, PO Box 111 Kensington, MD 20895.


To Pay by ACH

  1. Enter your checking account information by following the Steps to add a Stored Payment below.

  2. Email Give your name and what invoices you would like to have paid by ACH.


Steps to add a Stored Payment Method:

  1. Log in to your community account at

  2. Click on your account (person icon at top right) and select Profile.

  3. Click on Manage Payment Options

  4. Select Add New Payment Option

  5. Select the Source Type - Credit card or ACH

  6. Enter necessary information. Only checking accounts can be used for ACH.   



Select Add New Payment Option


Select the Source Type - Credit card or ACH


Enter necessary information. Only checking accounts can be used for ACH.   

2019 Season Rates:

- Single Membership = $353 (Max member 1)
- Two Person Family Membership = $540 (Max members 2)
- Family Membership = $672.50 (Nuclear family only two adult heads of household and children)  
- Child Caregiver = $89.25 (Up to 2 caregivers per household, while accompanying child(ren) only)
- Seasonal Guest = $188 (Up to 2 seasonal guests per household, more than 2 weeks per person)
- Long Term Guest = $50 (Up to 2 long term guests per household, up to 2 weeks per person)
- Associate Membership = $99  (This option, which must be used in combination with the Single, Two-Person Family and Family memberships, provides Club access only for the member’s children/step-children that are 26 or older (as of Memorial Day), parents or in-laws that are residing in the member’s home during the 2019 season)
- Inactive Membership  = $353 
- Individual Courts-only access - $235
- 2 Person Courts-only access - $380
- If you and/or your partner is over 65 years old, you are eligible for a $25 discount per person.  To request it, please contact 
- New Member Initiation Fee = $1250  

Definition of a Family per the Cedarbrook Constitution: Persons in the immediate family living in the household of a member are entitled to the privileges of the Club upon the payment of the fees prescribed in the By-Laws. Such persons in the immediate family are defined as two adult heads of household, dependent children up to age 26 who are residents of the home, and dependent, disabled children of any age who continue to reside in the home. Dependent child’s age on Memorial Day each year conveys for that entire season.    

The dues owed is based on the number of persons in the “immediate family,” regardless of whether such person in the immediate family plans to use the Club facilities.