Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Cedarbrook Club! The wait to join Cedarbrook is generally 1-3 years. 
Membership is open to homeowners residing within the following areas:
• Parkwood
• West Kensington
• Chevy Chase View
• Martin’s Addition to Chevy Chase View
• Byeforde
• Rock Creek Highlands
• Locust Hill
• North Locust Hill
• Areas of Kensington bounded by Cleveland Street, Knowles, Connecticut and Summit Avenues
• The portion of “Old Town” Kensington bounded by Connecticut and Howard Avenues, Kensington Parkway and Everett Street, and
• Homes west of Kensington Parkway bounded by Everett Street, Saul Road and Connecticut Avenue which are not already within the membership area.
Persons in the immediate family living in the household of a member are entitled to the privileges of the Club. Immediate family is defined as two adult heads of household, dependent children up to age 26 who are residents of the home, and dependent, disabled children of any age who continue to reside in the home. Dependent child’s age on Memorial Day each year conveys for that entire season. Dues are based on the number of persons in the immediate family, regardless of whether how many members of the immediate family plan to use the Club facilities.
2019 Season Rates:
• Single Membership = $353 (Max member 1)
• Two Person Family Membership = $540 (Max members 2)
• Family Membership = $672.50 (Nuclear family only two adult heads of household and children)
• Child Caregiver = $94 (Up to 2 caregivers per household, while accompanying child(ren) only)
• Seasonal Guest = $188 (Up to 2 seasonal guests per household, more than 2 weeks per person)
• Long Term Guest = $50 (Up to 2 long term guests per household, up to 2 weeks per person)
• Associate Membership = $99 (This option, which must be used in combination with the Single, Two-Person Family and Family memberships, provides Club access only for the member’s children/step-children that are 26 or older (as of Memorial Day), parents or in-laws that are residing in the member’s home during the 2019 season)
• Inactive Membership = $353
• Individual Courts-only access = $235
• 2 Person Courts-only access = $380
• New Member Initiation Fee = $1,250 
If you and/or your partner is over 65 years old, you are eligible for a $25 discount per person. To request it and with any other questions about membership, please contact cedarbrookmembership@gmail.com. 
To join the Club's waitlist, visit our Waitlist Member page.